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The One Single Thing that sets a Company Apart and puts it on Another Level Above its Competitors, is a Quality Publication. Today Quality Print Publications can also be linked to Every Aspect of the Digital Sphere - Digital Books, Social Media, Video, and Interactive Intelligence.

Guardian Multi-Media Group

  produces Boardroom-Quality Books designed to grow your Business by Boosting Sales, Enhancing your Image and Creating Credibility and Cachet for your Brand. 

Our Professional Team of Writers, Photographers, Designers, IT Experts and Publishers have more than 300 years experience in specialist printed and digital productions covering almost every imaginable human activity and industry on the planet.

Our Publishing Mission is to make Your Story 'come alive'  in print and digital media with vibrant 'Colour Writing' , Photography that literally 'puts you in the picture', Design and Layout that captures the viewer's imagination, and Production and Presentation that would be at home on the Board Tables of the World's Top Companies.

Our intimate connection with advanced technologies enables us to link your Product from Print to Digital, Social Media and Interactive Intelligence for a Total Customer Experience.

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